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What is MacKeeper?

Keeping your computer running at top speed and at full efficiency is very important, especially when you consider how often we use them for work, school and play. Owning a Windows computer gives you hundreds of different options to choose from when it comes to finding a program that will protect and optimize your computer. As a Mac owner, your choices are much more limited. But what exactly is Mackeeper? It is in fact is one of the most popular and widely-used programs on the market today, and specializes in optimizing your Mac computer, freeing up space on the hard drive, and keeping it safe and secure when you’re browsing online. There are four distinct areas in which it excels: data encryption, online security, computer cleanup and system optimization.

Data Encryption

The data encryption function includes a real time encryption utility which can encrypt selected files and folders, making them unreadable to both humans and most computer programs. You also have the option of setting a password on the encrypted information, meaning the correct password must be inputted in order to view the information again.

Online Security

Keeping your mac safe and secure online should be one of your top priorities. MacKeeper includes numerous utilities and automatic features that keep your computer safe while you’re browsing online. The real time internet security feature is great for keeping your computer free of viruses and malware during your online activities, as the feature will automatically prevent access to websites that are known to host spyware, adware, malware and other malicious content.

Disk Cleanup

The disk cleanup function utilizes an advanced disk cleanup utility that can search through your entire hard drive and automatically remove old, outdated and “junk” files which are no longer used by your computer. There is also a duplicates finder app which searches the hard drive, looking for files, programs or instances that may have duplications. You are then given the option of deleting the duplicated files or keeping them in place.

System Optimization

Numerous features included within this software are designed to improve your Mac’s overall performance and optimization. The Update Tracker is a utility which automatically searches all files and programs on your computer and searches for the newest versions. You are then given the option of manually updating the outdated programs or leaving them in place.

Who Needs MacKeeper?

Keeping your Mac up-to-date and running smoothly should be one of your top priorities, especially if you rely upon your Mac for business, education or work purposes. MacKeeper is a program designed specifically for Mac computers that includes a wide variety of functions related to keeping your computer running quickly and performing at its highest levels. Whether it’s the lite, standard, or premium version you opt for, this latest production from Kromtech is the ideal choice for any Mac user seeking piece of mind that their computer is safe and secure from a wide range of online threats.

Slow Computer?

One of the primary reasons for purchasing this software is to speed up your computer. MacKeeper includes numerous utilities and functions that are devoted entirely to this purpose. The Disk Cleanup utility allows you to remove outdated, old and junk files from your hard drive, which are most likely causing your computer to run slowly.
There are numerous system optimization utilities and features also included within the software. These are designed to improve your Mac’s performance and speed. The Update Tracker searches through your hard drive and locates programs and applications which are out-of-date. You are then given the option of manually updating these programs to the newest versions, or leaving them as-is. There are additional options relating to improving system performance upon start up by disabling certain programs from automatically opening when your computer is turned on.

Internet Security

If you are worried about keeping your Mac secure while you’re browsing the internet, MacKeeper is definitely for you. The real time internet security feature can automatically prevent access to websites which are known to host malicious content such as spyware, adware and malware. Also included is an option to edit the list to include additional websites which you do not want your computer to be able to access. Keeping your computer running smoothly and secure is what this program is all about.

More Info On Our MacKeeper Coupon Code

As mentioned, keeping your computer running smoothly, quickly and efficiently as possible is hugely important. After all, if you’re like the millions of computer owners in America you probably rely on your computer for pretty much everything, including work, education and play. If you’re the owner of a Mac computer, your options for software that help with keeping your computer running smoothly are limited. With you get a license for this program you can help speed up your computer while also keeping it safe and secure as you’re browsing on the internet. What’s more it also does an excellent job of preventing unwanted access by any third parties.

MacKeeper Features

With a has a boatload of features that enable you to run your Mac at its highest level possible, the Disk Cleanup utility is one of our personal favorites. This feature plays a huge role and is very useful on a day to day basis, especially if you have never performed any type of disk-cleanup operation before. With this system turned on you can automatically scan your hard drive and remove any files which are considered old, outdated or generally useless. The system optimization features make it easier to improve the performance of your computer and decrease the amount of time you have to wait for programs and applications to open and load.

Coupon Codes

We offer a variety of coupon codes which you can apply towards your purchase of the MacKeeper software and can be viewed at the top of this page. Using the codes are easy – simply click “Activate” on the code you want to use during checkout, and the applicable discount will automatically be applied when you purchase the software through our website. Multiple discounts can be applied to the same purchase, allowing you to save a lot of money on your next purchase of the MacKeeper software.

If you are interested in improving your Mac’s performance and increasing its overall efficiency, then MacKeeper is the program for you. To download the latest version and see just what this leading antivirus can do for you then simply click here.

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